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Her Sugar Cookie Heart Excerpt!

“The usual?” She held up two fingers. They shook ever-so slightly. “Ah, a two-cookie kind of day.” He removed two of the bakery’s best-selling heart-shaped cookies and set them on baker’s paper on the counter. After grabbing a white bag, he took first one cookie, then the other, and snapped the frosted hearts in half before placing them in the bag and turning down the top. “Just the way you like ‘em.” “Thanks.” She pushed two quarters across the glass countertop and took the bag from him with a forced smile. Ignoring the voice behind her didn’t mean that it disappeared. He must still be there, a few steps away and close enough to witness her discomfort. “See you tomorrow.” “You got it, Liz.” The baker gave her a fast wave. The moment she avoided couldn’t be put off any longer. She turned to leave and came face to face with the man who’d broken her heart as easily as Bigley snapped sugar cookies. He stood before her an older man, but she would have recognized him anywhere. The same corn

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