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2023's First Indecisive Moment

Well, 2023, here we are. Stepping into a new year.   For some, a time to make resolutions or set intentions. For others, just another month in the cycle of life. For many, a combination of both.  At the start of 2022, I decided I'd work less and live more. And that has pretty much summed up my year since writing that blog post last January.  And at the beginning of this year, I'm thinking I'll minimize some other aspects of my life. Clearing clutter of all kinds, really. Not just the physical environment, although I've been diving deep into my closets and hauling out boxes for donation, but other areas, as well.  I began clearing out a good while back and have found that the more I let go of, the more space I have for what genuinely brings joy. I've removed relationships that no longer serve or are detrimental to my health. I've committed to working only on volunteer projects that align with my values. And I have definitely put into action the work less, live mo

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