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From the Keys: Reservation Required

Let's be honest. Sometimes the thought of beginning a big, fat book or opening the first book in a new series is daunting. We all lead busy lives and there are times when we just can't devote the hours it takes to read epic works.  What to do? Read short stories! I love slipping in a short tale or two during my busiest times. The mini-escape is always satisfying, like finding a sweet breath of fresh air in a crowded room.  Reservation Required is short, an ideal story to take you on a little adventure without cramping your schedule.  The blurb:  Penobscot Bay is the perfect place for romance. Pippa has more than her share of suitors. But who will win her heart? The answer seems clear as her feelings for best friend Jake begin to change. But when a handsome stranger checks into the Samoset Hotel, all bets are off! Reservation Required is available here . 

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